Rootstyle Camp - The yoga-surf camp for surfers and adventure lovers in Fuerteventura, Spain.
About us - Rootstyle Camp - The yoga-surf camp for surfers and adventure lovers in Fuerteventura, Spain.

About us - Rootstyle Camp - The yoga and surf school

If you're about 25 and you plan to spend your holidays in a surf camp you might quickly realize that you gonna be probably ending up in a camp full of way younger teenagers and that you will be probably "oldest" participant. But what if you're expecting a more mature environment? One of the aims of the Rootstyle Camp is to bring surfing nearer to everybody who considers surfing as an appealing sport, but who don't want to follow the beaten track of the so called on "coolness" focused lifestyle issue.

The idea of the Rootstyle yoga and surf camp was born in winter 2003. In one of those mornings when everything seemed pervaded by an incredible harmony and beauty and my heart was beating with joy. I wanted to share this feeling of unity and satisfaction with someone realizing that surfing is much more than sitting in the water and looking "cool". Two weeks later, the fate led me to Supri and together we began to develop the idea of our own yoga and surf camp. Today we are able to offer you a well organized holiday and we hope to convey you part of our love for life and nature...

The team

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The Surf instructor

Stefan Gautschi - Surf instructor and camp manager

Camp manager, 33 years old, BSA surf instructor, RLSS lifeguard, he has dedicated his life to surfing and he will show you all the tricks to use the board, to improve your skills and to find your own style. Due to his countless surf trips all around the world and due to his qualification as a surf licensed instructor, Stefan Gautschi has a wide knowledge of everything concerning the sport of surfing.

The Yoga teacher

Stefan Gautschi – Yoga teacher

Certified in Hata-yoga at Yoga Vidya Dham - Indian School of Yoga - Stefan Gautschi also leads the daily Yoga classes. After many years of surfing and Yoga practice he knows exactly the right combination of stretching, balance, breathing, concentration and total relaxation. With his quiet and sensitive nature, he guides you through the basics, as well as the advanced yoga Asanas, and their philosophy.

Every day, full of new enthusiasm for the freedom and unity that yoga and surfing gives him, he wants to convey and to share this feeling with you.


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